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While visiting with one of our closest friends, I had the pleasure of drinking this smooth juice creation. Pat whipped this together in a matter of minutes. While I have seen the notably terrible infomercial for the Nutribullet, I never felt compelled to seek out one to try- but the proof is in the juice.

A year ago, I had the Magic Bullet and I used it for smoothies daily. While I loved that it was easy to clean and very compact, I was never blown away by its performance. So when the next generation Nutribullet was blowing up at the stores I refrained because I figured it was all the same thing with a different name.

I was mistaken.

The blend pat made for me was so divine! In watching him make it, I figured that it would come out lumpy or thick like a smoothie but it didn’t at all. It was almost as thin as regular juice. I had to give Pat 2 thumbs up.

Pat knows the benefits of fresh juicing and making fresh drinks in the Nutribullet. He has successfully regrown his hair! He had a bald patch on the back of his head. Since juicing daily it has filled in. I WISH I had before and after photos. That’s right people- healthy choices can cure male patterned baldness!

While the Nutribullet is a nice compact little wonder I don’t feel the need to rush out and buy one for a couple reasons. First of all I have a masticating juicer that is really wonderful and I use daily. While the cleaning is a little cumbersome, I love it.

One of the benefits of the Nutribullet is that there is no pulp waste like there is in a regular blender. I can honestly say that pulp is never wasted in our home. We use it while cooking meals like soups and sauces, mix it with dog food, or use it as compost. Also, if I am looking to keep the fiber in a drink my current blender is high powered enough to break up plant cell walls, nuts, and seeds (but it will take longer than it takes in the Nutribullet).

THe Nutribullet is everything the (horribly directed) infomercial says it is. It’s compact, it’s easy to use, and it pulverizes and liquifies like a dream. I think for convenience it’s great, but it’s not worth putting your current juicer on craigslist. I think it’s a great gift idea or starter blender/juicer for someone who is looking to get into a juicing routine. If you’re interested in purchasing a nutribullet check it out amongst the other recommended juicers at our store under the favorite things tab.

The Pat- Juice A La Nutribullet
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