I have discovered that the soil I have is optimal for Fordhood Chard. I have been able to harvest at least 6 leaves a day from the 8 or so plants I have. If you are unfamiliar with chard, there are several varietals (Swiss Chard is probably the most popular). Chard is a sweet leafy green that can be eaten as a salad, sauteed, or juiced. Very versatile, the stalk of the leaf is crunchy like celery however has a delicate flavor. Overall, it’s a great plant and I’m so excited to have an abundance of it!

I have found that chard is a wonderful juicing green. They offer a high juice yield because of the juicy leaf stem. Each leaf is large, offering a ton of surface area for chlorophyll and sun energy absorption. When juiced they don’t have a bitter “green flavor”. They compliment nearly every fruit I have juiced. If you have never tried experimenting with juicing chard I highly suggest it!

The Deep Green is a great spicy blend and the first blend that it entirely picked from the garden. It gets it’s spiciness from the arugula; another green with a great peppery flavor. Something I have noticed is that when I pick from the garden and immediately juice the color is phenomenally bright! There is truly no comparing the juice color from the store bought greens I had all winter and the ones I am juicing straight out of the garden.

If you are just getting into juicing consider gardening. While now it’s a little late in the season to start planting, it’s never too early to start planning for next year. Even if you only have room for a window box, try growing something simple- arugula is really just the easiest thing ever. Adding fresh greens that were picked minutes before juicing makes a world of difference!

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Juice through a masicationg type juicer

4 fordhook chard leaves

1 large cucumber

2 handfuls of arugula

greens from 2 beats

The Deep Green
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