I saved almost $3 on this organic Chicken. I will be able to use this as the protein in 5 different meals for two adults!

I challenged myself to significantly reduce my grocery spending. Something I have always done to cut costs is: stock up on manager’s special meats. I either cook it the day I buy it or I freeze for later use. A dollar here and three there quickly adds up.


Begin by removing the giblets and neck from the inside of the chicken’s body. I don’t let these go to waste. I gave any organ meat to my dog and reserve the neck for chicken broth.


As I butcher the bird I put smaller parts of bone  in a pot of 8 cups of water and bring to a boil. This helps speed the broth process.


*Tip* leave top on while rendering the fat and occasionally jiggle the pot to ensure the chicken does not burn to the bottom.


I separate the legs, wings, thighs, breasts and set aide. I place the remaining bones, skin, and meat in a hot stock pot with a little oil on the bottom in order to render the fat. After simmering on medium heat for 10 minutes or so, add the pot of water with the other parts. Add another 4 cups of water and 2 tbsp salt and allow the bones to boil for 45 minutes to create a stock.

The stock will be a yellow color once it’s ready. Remove the bones skin and any meat by straining into a bowl or by fishing them out with a screened ladle. This time I used the stock immediately to make chicken soup for tomorrow’s dinner. After I removed the bones I allowed them to cool and removed any meat that was still on them. If you don’t want to make soup you can freeze the stock or set is aside for a different use.


To make dinner easier, I seasoned the meat before freezing the rest.


I stuffed the chicken breasts with a goat cheese mix for dinner tonight.


Organic Chicken: Buy whole and save!
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