Since we have started our Healthy Homemakers’ organic soap line our husbands have been feeling quite pampered (after all they are our research and development team!). Both Tom and Anthony, the Healthy Husbands, are clean shaven guys. They both decided to ditch the pricey and often-toxin-laden shaving creams for a good old fashion soap and brush and are now lathering their strong rigid jaw lines barber shop style.

While the goal of modern convenience would make you think that using a pre-packaged shaving cream would be easier and more efficient, this simply is not the case! Before switching to a soap lather, I recall a frantic dash to the store to buy shaving cream because Tom “can’t look scruffy at work,” and gasp! he had run out of the pricey (non-toxic in this case) stuff that I had insisted upon him using. Perhaps this is a little dramatic, but in truth the more modern conveniences we rely upon, the more inconvenient life becomes when we are suddenly without them.

The fact is that nearly all shaving cream brands are laced with parabens and other no-no toxic ingredients you don’t want on your skin, near your mouth, and not to mention on an open cut, should you slip. In addition, cleaning up packaged shaving cream is gunky and gross-so much for this “modern convenience.”

To get that old school lather just how Tom likes it I enlisted his help to give me the instructional.


-Lather brushIMG_1004

-Small bowl

All-natural soap

-Fresh water

To begin, place the soap in a little bowl. Use this bowl and soap exclusively for regular shaving. (This soap will last you a seriously long time.)


Splash the soap with a little water. Rub the brush in a circular motion around the soap to work up a lather. The longer and faster you do this, the thicker your lather becomes.


Using the brush, apply the foamy lather to your face in the areas you plan to shave.

Now you’re ready to shave that handsome face!


When making the switch to brush and soap shaving invest in a good kit — I had a difficult time finding a brush kit I liked. If you’re interested check our store, under beauty items, for a brush or gift set we recommend. As for the bowl, use something unique: thrift shop, garage sale, and antique little bowls work great or even a clever coffee mug.

Lather Up! Old School Shaving Cream

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