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This is my first year gardening at my new home. I didn’t know how well my garden would grow or if the soil was fertile. That being said, I planted a lot of everything in hopes that at least some of the seeds would grow. To my delight everything grew. However, now I’m faced with a jungle of a garden and more produce than I can give away. I picked 24 cucumbers in 3 days. They are growing like bushes! It was time to get creative to make use of my bounty!


And so the Ice Cubecumber was born!

Years ago I remember my husband and I going to a fancy brunch. The water was served with cucumbers– what a delicate refreshing flavor! With garden fresh being the best flavor of all, I elected to cut the cucumbers into cubes and freeze them in the ice tray.


I always serve water in a crystal pitcher. I think it’s way more convenient than constantly filling up a cup. Plus, I prefer to drink out of glass of lead-free crystal than plastic. The best part- it’s super cheap! I picked up these pitchers at a thrift shop for $3; still in their box. We always have a pitcher next to the bed or on the dining room table when guests come over.


My frugal touch of decadence made all the better with a couple ice cubecumbers!

These also go great with adult alcoholic beverages. The Ice Cubecumbers add flavor without dilution for drink like vodka or rum on the rocks. They are also a great veggie addition to a bloody mary.

Ice Cubecumber slush:  Combine Ice Cubecumbers in a blender with lemon juice, vodka, with a splash of white grape or apple juice for a cool refresher poolside slush.

Ice Cubecumbers

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