I am trying to cut back all processed foods, and let’s face it veggie burgers, while quick and convenient to defrost and grill, can be very processed. I decided to conjure up my own recipe. Not only am I very happy with it, so is my beef-loving husband. When you make your own version of convenience foods, you know what’s in it. Make a double batch, you’ll be happy to have these patties in the freezer for a quick dinner solution.

 Organic Ingredients:

2 cups of hydrated beans (I hydrated a blend of black, kidney, and fava beans)

5-7 celery stalks

1 medium/large white onion

3 heaping tbsp coconut flour

2 whole eggs slightly whisked

A dash of each- Cayene pepper, nutmeg, black pepper, sea salt, & paprika


**Before hydrating  be sure to thoroughly rinse your beans. Trace amounts of gluten can sometimes be found on dried beans depending on where they are packaged. **

I like to hydrate my beans for a couple days. I have noticed that they develop a great flavor after at least 48 hours. Drain hydrated beans and put into your food processor. It is easiest to process one cup at a time. Grind the beans to a crumble. After properly processed move contents to a large mixing bowl.


Chop celery and place in food processor. Blend to a near pulp. Add to mixing bowl. Chop onion and process until liquified. Add to mixing bowl


 Add seasonings as desired and fold together with a rubber spatula. Add two eggs that have been gently whisked. Fold together.


Add three HEAPING tbsp of coconut flour (this adds great flavor dimension, is gluten free, and full of fiber). Fold mixture together. The perfect blend should be dense enough for the spatula to stand upright in the middle.
Form 10 standard-sized burger patties and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment.


Bake at 350 for 20 minutes. Flip, then bake for 10-15 more minutes or until the burger is cooked thoroughly. Be careful not to dry out or burn.


Gluten Free Mixed Bean Veggie Burger

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