I always buy organic eggs that are packaged in recycled cardboard. I was just recycling these cartons until I realized their greater potential! Each little cup filled with organic soil serves as a perfect compostable seed starter. Here’s the how-to!


Separate carton base from lid. They fit perfectly together. since this base will act as your self watering basin you’ll want to protect it with a piece of plastic wrap.

Use a pen or pencil to poke a small hole on the bottom of each cup. This will help the soil drain as needed.


Pour some water in the bottom basin. Secure the cups into the basin. Fill cups with soil and lightly water from the top. Use your finger to make an indent in each cup. Place two to three seeds in each divot. Cover the seeds with soil and lightly water.

Use the access plastic wrap that hangs over the side of the carton to cover the top of the soil until they sprout. This will help the seeds keep warm and retain moisture.


Place your cartons in the sun and watch your garden’s sweet beginnings!

As your seedings grow you will likely have several with multiple sprouts in each cup. To ensure your plants will be strong, large, and have a greater yield you will want to trim back all of the smaller or weaker sprouts, making it one sprout per cup.


When you are ready to plant you can break the cups off and plant each cup into the soil.

Happy Gardening!!

Egg Carton Seed Sprouting
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