I sing the praises for baltic amber necklaces for all my little girls. My youngest, Athena, started wearing hers at 6 months. Although Athena was born with one tooth, when the others came in you would have never known. Affectionately nicknamed “Zen Baby”, she never showed the pain and woes of teething. Impressed with how easy-going Athena was, I knew I got one for my next daughter too.

The necklace I got for myself, I completely LOVE!

Loxley started to drool a lot around two months, assuming teeth were sure to follow, this is when I gave her the first Baltic Amber necklace. She loved it, well, actually, I loved it. Not only was she the happiest baby ever but she was calm and serene. Rarely fussing, it was easy to take her anywhere and do anything with her. (Still is!)

I got comments and questions from strangers regarding the necklace. While some people commented that it was nonsense or a potential choking hazard waiting to happen. People who were familiar with the healing properties of Baltic Amber made comments like “Oh she must be a happy little one” or “Happy babys wear those beads”.

Baltic amber is not a stone, but a fossilized tree resin.

The true test of the necklace came around 6 months when she went a couple weeks without it. Our dog broke it when I  took it off for bath time. I waited to order a new one, researching different sellers to ensure I was getting real amber (there are many impostors). After about 3 days with no Baltic Amber necklace Berkley was not her normally serene self. She became easily frustrated and moody, was chewing on things a little more than usual, and her naps were becoming shorter and shorter. While I can’t definitively say this is because she wasn’t wearing her necklace, it was an interesting correlation. I ordered her a new necklace. After wearing it for about 24 hours she appeared a little more at ease. After 3 days she was back to her “Zen Baby #2” self.

Many mothers asked me questions about how it works and where they could buy a necklace of their own for their little teether. So here’s the deets:

How it works:


From what we have researched (and we encourage you to do the same), when warmed by skin contact, Baltic Amber slowly releases succinic acid. This acid is found in many plants in nature, but never at the concentrated levels found in Baltic Amber. Succinic acid has been used for centuries in alternative medicine as a natural antibiotic and cure-all for general . It is also found in modern medicine for a variety of uses (for more info

In the case of the Amber Necklace, the acid is released onto and absorbed through the baby’s skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Thus, providing relief from the aches and pains of teething and growing.

Here’s the link for the Baltic Amber Berkley wears (that I have tested for authenticity) :

It works great on older kids too! Jill bought one to try out for her 3-year old, Imogen.  She has noticed a drastic improvement in her behavior–calmer, no temper tantrums, more peaceful. ::ZEN::


There are measures taken to ensure the necklaces are safe. They should be worn under adult supervision. Each bead is individually knotted and the string they are on is a strong nylon. In the unlikely event that the string breaks the beads will not fall everywhere, only one bead would be lost at the site of breakage. The beads are specifically made small enough so that they are not a choke hazard.

In addition, they are smooth enough so that if ingested they would pass through the system without worry. Most brands have a tension release closure so if it is pulled too hard it will break and not strangle the wearer. While I occasionally remove the necklace to clean it, Jill and I let our babies wear them always. There are amber anklets that you can put on baby at bedtime to avoid choking hazards if you are concerned. Some mothers also remove the necklace and just wrap it around the ankle. As with anything involving a child’s care, you are the parent so follow your intuition and do what you feel is best for your little one.


Impostor Alert:

There are impostor necklaces out there which will be ineffective. There are a few ways to spot an impostor Baltic Amber. If it’s too cheap it is likely a fake. Baltic Amber is not so easy to come by that you can get a string of it for less than $10. Necklaces for infants and children range from $15-$30. If you see a deal that’s too good to be true, than it is just that- don’t buy it. After all, your amber is an investment in your child’s health and comfort so it’s worth the little extra money.

While spending $15+ on a baby necklace makes it a little more likely that it’s the real deal, it isn’t a guarantee There are a couple at home tests that I did to make sure Berkley’s amber was the real deal. I did 3 tests: Saltwater, heat, and solvent. It passed all three. To see how these at home tests work, check out this site I used: CLICK HERE

Here’s the link for for the Baltic Amber Berkley wears (that I have tested for authenticity) : CLICK HERE

Baltic Amber Necklaces- A Teething Savior!

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