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Hey Everyone I’m Jill aka Crunchy Mama

I am a crunchy mom of three girls and one on the way. I love real food and recipe renovation and natural living tips and tricks.

I’m on a natural health journey, you’re invited to take the trip with me.

As an avid researcher, my joy in life is uncovering the best natural, practical solutions for my family and yours. As a wife, work-at-home mommy, and homemaker, you can often find me preparing meals in my kitchen with my little Crunchy kiddos, my three young daughters, teaching them all about real food and learning through them about life and love.

Everything I do, whether it’s gardening, cooking, yoga, blogging, whipping up homemade beauty products or even meditating, is tied to my natural living philosophy and moving towards better and better health mind, body and soul.

Most people have no idea how good the body was designed to feel.

I’m on: instagram, pinterest, twitter, Facebook, and etsy.

Good Vibes and Big Love,